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Legacy Child Development Center’s Curriculum

Children’s joy and happiness is a big part of their learning. At Legacy Child Development Center, we encourage them to have fun as a part of their education, with child-led activities which are adapted to their abilities and interests.

Our curriculum includes child-initiated and teacher-directed activities and experiences that support children and enriches their development physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively!

Each classroom has weekly lesson plans that will be posted on the parent board. These plans contain a number of activities, designed to foster each child’s development and the development of the group as a whole.  

Each classroom is set up in centers, which include blocks, dramatic play, books, gross motor, fine motor, and art. Outdoor play is also incredibly important to a child’s physical development and will also be included in both the morning and afternoon schedules depending on the weather. 

Self-selection or “free-play” is a daily part of the curriculum and means a child has the opportunity to choose which center or activity they participate in. By empowering children to make these choices we are promoting creative expression and the development of important social skills.

Merging Teaching and Childcare

We offer a variety of programs, including daycare for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and additional before and after-school care for school-age children.

We believe that it’s never too early to start learning and that it’s vital to always present the best possible opportunities for children that will allow them to learn and grow as soon as they start at our center. 

By developing our programs with curriculum experts and following the guidance of childcare specialists, we’ve been able to hone in on what makes early education a success and created a learning program that allows our children to develop a lifelong love for learning and exploration!

Frog© Street Curriculum

We are proud to follow the trusted, research-based Frog Street© curriculum, which uses play-based, child-led activities to deliver hands-on early reading, math, science, and social studies skills. 

The Frog Street Pre-K curriculum is a comprehensive, dual-language program that has been designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. This engaging, interactive curriculum celebrates the joy of learning and offers age-appropriate lessons for your infant and toddler, encouraging them to establish an early love of learning. 

Sensory, hands-on activities with Frog Street© will help bring out your child's creativity, build their critical thinking skills, and engage them with memorable lessons that develop their burgeoning academic knowledge.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play must be incorporated into the daily schedule for both the morning and afternoon, providing that the weather is suitable (teachers will refer to the Child Care Weather Watch poster to determine if it is too hot or cold to play outdoors).

Outdoor play is a fantastic opportunity for children to run, jump, climb and use their bodies in ways that would otherwise be unsafe in an indoor classroom. In addition, a large amount of social interaction takes place when children play outdoors because they are engaged in fewer teacher-directed activities and more child-directed play, children can choose their friends and who to interact with.


We have the following classrooms available at our center, all offering unique and engaging opportunities for learning and development:


Our infant area provides the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and child in mind.

While in our care, the children are stimulated through music, exercise, outdoor blanket time, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles.

Toddlers and Preschool

At this age, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Crawling, walking, and eventually running are levels they accomplish in what seems like a blink of an eye. Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment.

Music, stories, outdoor play, and learning simplicities envelop much of the day. Our caregivers are dedicated to helping each child develop these skills through a trusting and loving relationship.


As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges. That’s why we offer a school-age program for before and after-school care and enrichment programs that address the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age children.

Reading, math, and science activities ensure that your child's mind is engaged and help create a lifelong love of learning and exploration.

Room Transitions

As your child grows and matures, they will transition from one classroom to another. A letter and email will be sent to inform you of this transition, and will tell you everything you need to know about your child's new room! 

Transitions will occur as your child demonstrates that he or she is developmentally ready for the next classroom and as space allows. Each transition period will depend on the specific child and we will modify and accommodate what is necessary for them to succeed. Transitions can vary in days and times in the week depending on the specific child and other variables such as closings, and the child’s daily routine. If you have any concerns about your child's transition, please speak with the director.

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